About StackBall.io

StackBall.io - in this 3D arcade game, players must smash, bump, and bounce their way across rotating helix platforms in order to reach the finish line.

Is that easy? As you wish!

If you strike a black platform, it's game over as your ball crashes through colorful platforms blocking its descent like a brick! Your ball breaks into pieces, forcing you to restart your descent from scratch.

However, even dark platforms cannot withstand the force of a fireball plummeting at high speed! Choose your course of action: pause and wait for another opportunity to roll and jump, or accelerate like a lunatic. The pleasure of other baseball games would be nice!

Features of Stack Ball

  • The extremely rapid pace
  • Amusing gameplay
  • Vibrant, colorful visuals
  • Easy to learn and play.
  • Excellent pass time

How to play StackBall.io

Move the ball with your mouse, click to shatter identical-colored blocks, then bring the ball to the bottom to win the level. Keep in mind that you can only move the ball when it collides with a block of the same color; otherwise, you lose.