About StarBlast

StarBlast! is a free web game that lets you fight for control over the universe. If you are a fan of space games and/or classic arcade games then Battle of Asteroids is just for you. In this game, you will be commanding an army to attack your opponents in outer space. Your opponents will be doing the same thing, so it’s a battle of wits out there. As the commander of your army, you must strategize well and keep your soldiers focused in order to have the best chance at winning the battle. You must also balance taking reinforcements with new soldiers against weakening your forces with casualty losses. It’s going to be a tough fight but hopefully, you have what it takes to take home.

Asteroids, Battle, and Space all rolled into one! Blast your way through space as you take on alien invaders in this intense online action game. You control a spaceship that can transform between different weapons to destroy the enemies.

– Battle it out with other players in an epic battle, or go head-to-head against a friend in simple 1v1 combat.

– Discover new worlds as you travel through deep space. Search for other players to join your crew and explore together.

– Unlock more than 100 different ship skins and upgrade your spaceship with rare blueprints to become a master

Blast your way into battle with Epic Space Battles and Epic Combat as you encounter bizarre alien races along the way. Gather your friends and foes alike and let the quest for survival begin in this amazing. Have fun!

How to play StarBlast

Arrow keys to drive

LMB to shoot