About Starve.io

Starve.io - a multiplayer survival game. You must eat to meet your basic necessities while avoiding hostile mobs. Make weapons to attack and defend yourself from enemies and other players. Explore several biomes and look for the greatest materials to construct the most valuable game items. Become Starve.io's top survivor by picking a mode and server that fit you!


The game world in Starve.io is dynamic and undergoes seasonal and climatic variations. Day becomes night, and autumn becomes winter. With such changes come new difficulties, like mobs that are reflective of the weather and temperature shifts that call for alternative survival techniques. Gain points by being the most well-known survivor in the area and using resources to accomplish a single, overarching objective: Survival is the only goal.

How to Survive

Meeting your requirements and avoiding danger is essential for survival. You must consume meals and liquids to be hydrated, warm, and oxygenated. Along with your health bar, which starts to decrease if the four essential demands are not met, you have four bars for these vital components of survival.

You periodically will be attacked by hostile mobs, as well as by other players, so you should be prepared to defend yourself if necessary. Making useful goods, eating well, and fortifying your defenses will increase your chances of surviving.

The majority of game items come through item crafting. However, a lot of goods are also obtained from Chrono missions and mob drops. In general, enemies drop food items, while quests provide you with rare materials that you can utilize to make stronger gear.


In Starve.io, crafting often requires a workstation and the materials required to create the desired object. A workstation may not always be required for creating, i.e., a workstation is not always necessary to build a workstation.

The Survive.io game mechanics revolve around crafting, which is a huge part of what makes the game so fun to play. To advance your position as a game master, you can gather materials from a variety of biomes and natural deposits to make better weapons, tools, armor, food, and constructions. It is also possible to construct agricultural facilities like windmills that automate the manufacturing of flour, which is necessary to provide food for survival.

How to play Starve.io

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to collect resources and craft