About State.io

State.io - Conquer the World is a strategy game that plays somewhat like Risk. Send your armies throughout the map, capturing both friendly and hostile states. Although additional soldiers will be produced by each area, avoid overstretching your army!

How to play State.io

Look at the number indicated in each territory to conquer other states. These are the number of troops required to occupy that area. The neutral gray regions won't dispatch any of their own forces because they are neutral. The other colors represent areas occupied by adversarial troops.

Drag a line to the area you want to occupy by tapping on a region you have authority over. Your army will advance in that direction. There will be just one unit remaining. Once you have control over a region, it will produce fresh soldiers. This will enable you to build up your army more quickly, but if you distribute your troops too thinly throughout numerous states, your defenses will be compromised.

Finding the correct ratio of troops to new regions while leaving enough behind to protect your existing holdings is the key to success. The same holds true for your adversaries, so keep an eye on their maneuvers and strike when their armies are more vulnerable.