About Stay Alive

Stay Alive seems to be a survival game where players must cut down trees, build shelter, fend off cannibals, and complete various tasks to stay alive. Stay alive by completing tasks such as building shelter, defending against cannibals, collecting resources, and ultimately building a raft. Expect a survival-themed environment with detailed visuals of forests, shelter, and possibly dangerous creatures like cannibals. Here's a general guide on what you might expect in terms of controls and gameplay for this type of survival game:

How to play Stay Alive

Key Features:

  1. Survival Tasks: Players need to perform various tasks to survive, including cutting down trees, building shelter, and crafting items.

  2. Cannibal Threat: Fend off attacks from cannibals by building walls around your shelter and either fighting them or fleeing.

  3. Resource Collection: Collect rocks, bushes, wood, and other resources to use in crafting and building.

  4. Health Management: Keep an eye on your health, and if it's low, eat mushrooms or other items to restore it.

  5. End Goal: The final task involves building a raft, which may serve as the objective for completing the game.

How to Play:

  • Cut Trees: Use an axe to cut down trees, obtaining wood for crafting.

  • Build Shelter: Construct a tent and walls around it to protect against cannibal attacks.

  • Fighting Cannibals: Engage in combat with cannibals or choose to run away to avoid harm.

  • Resource Collection: Gather rocks, bushes, and wood for crafting and building.

  • Health Management: Consume mushrooms or other items to restore health when it's low.

  • Build Raft: Complete the game by building a raft, possibly signaling the end of the survival challenge.

Controls Guide:

  • Movement: Use arrow keys or a joystick to move the character.

  • Action Buttons: Interact with the environment, cut trees, build structures, and fight using designated buttons.

  • Inventory Management: Access and manage your inventory to consume items or craft new ones.