About StellarClash.io

StellarClash.io offers an exciting and action-packed space battle experience for players who enjoy games. Select your spacecraft from the available options. Each ship has its own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. Enter the cosmic arena, choose your spacecraft, upgrade your ship, and engage in epic battles to dominate the leaderboard!

How to play StellarClash.io

Game Description:

  • Genre: Multiplayer Space Battle (.io)

  • Objective: Players can choose from a variety of different spacecraft and engage in intense battles against other players in a cosmic arena. The goal is to compete for the top spot on the leaderboard, showcasing your skills in space combat.

  • Team Play: Players have the option to team up with friends or join a clan to form alliances and work together towards victory.


  • Space Battles: Engage in thrilling and fast-paced space battles against other players. Use your spacecraft's weapons to attack and defend in the vast cosmic arena.

  • Ship Selection: Choose from a range of different spacecraft, each with unique attributes, abilities, and weaponry. Select the ship that suits your playstyle and tactics.

  • Upgrade System: Collect selenium, which appears as blue glowing items in the arena, to upgrade your spacecraft. Enhance your ship's speed, firepower, maneuverability, and more to gain an advantage in battles.

  • Competitive Leaderboard: Compete against players from around the world for the top position on the leaderboard. Earn points by defeating opponents, collecting resources, and demonstrating your space combat skills.

  • Team Coordination: Team up with friends or clan members to strategize and coordinate attacks. Work together to outmaneuver and outgun your opponents for victory.

How to Play:

  1. Choose Your Ship: Select your spacecraft from the available options. Each ship has its own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities.

  2. Enter the Cosmic Arena: Dive into the cosmic arena, where space battles unfold. Prepare to face off against other players in epic confrontations.

  3. Combat Enemies: Use your spacecraft's weapons to shoot and destroy enemy ships. Aim carefully, dodge incoming fire, and employ strategic maneuvers to outwit your opponents.

  4. Collect Selenium: Keep an eye out for selenium, the valuable resource that enhances your ship's capabilities. Collect it by flying over the blue glowing items scattered throughout the arena.

  5. Upgrade Your Ship: Use the selenium you collect to upgrade your spacecraft. Improve its speed, firepower, and other attributes to become a formidable force in the cosmic battles.

  6. Team Up or Solo: Decide whether to team up with friends for cooperative play or go solo for a more challenging experience. Teamwork can lead to coordinated attacks and greater success.

  7. Conquer the Leaderboard: Aim to climb the ranks of the leaderboard by earning points through victories and accomplishments in battles. Compete against other players for the top spot and establish yourself as a space combat legend.