SUPREM.IO is an online battle arena platformer game with a focus on intense, fast-paced gameplay. The key to winning in SUPREM.IO is to eliminate all your enemies before they eliminate you. Keep an eye on your life count and strategize your moves to outwit your opponents. Experiment with different weapons and find the ones that suit your playstyle. Here's an overview of the game and its basic controls:

How to play SUPREM.IO

Game Overview:

  • Description: SUPREM.IO offers players a thrilling experience with a wide variety of weapons, maps, and action-packed battles. Choose from a plethora of guns, melee weapons, throwables, and more to eliminate your enemies and rise to supremacy.

  • Objective: The main goal in SUPREM.IO is to eliminate all your opponents before you run out of lives. Keep an eye on your life count at the top of the screen. Once you lose all your lives, you'll be eliminated and won't respawn.

  • Ghost Mode: When eliminated, you become an invulnerable ghost. As a ghost, you can fly around the map, observe the battlefield, and plan your strategies. However, ghosts cannot interact with the environment or other players.

Basic Controls:

  • W: Double Jump (Press twice to perform a double jump)
  • A/D: Move Left/Right
  • F: Pick Up/Drop Items
  • SPACE: Attack (Use your equipped weapon)
  • SHIFT: Use Your Ability

How to Play:

  1. Pick Your Ability: Before diving into battle, choose your character's ability. Each ability offers unique advantages and strategies. Pick the one that suits your playstyle.

  2. Dive Right In: Once you've selected your ability, jump into the action-packed battles. Explore the map, collect weapons, and engage in combat with other players.

  3. Use Double Jump: Press the W key twice to perform a double jump. Double jumps can help you reach higher platforms, evade enemy attacks, or surprise opponents.

  4. Pick Up Weapons and Items: Use the F key to pick up weapons and other items scattered throughout the map. Experiment with different weapons to find your favorites.

  5. Attack and Use Abilities: Use the SPACEBAR to attack with your equipped weapon. Press the SHIFT key to unleash your character's special ability. Coordinate your attacks and abilities for maximum effectiveness.