About Throwing Knife

Throwing Knife can refer to several different games, so I need more information to give you specific controls and instructions. In this game, you throw knives into a spinning log without hitting any previous throws. As you progress, the log spins faster and obstacles appear, creating a sense of rising difficulty. These often involve rising difficulty as well, where the target spins faster or becomes more complex as you score points.

How to play Throwing Knife

Mobile Games:

  • Throwing Knife: This mobile game is a "knife throwing simulator" where you aim and throw knives at moving targets. You can adjust the difficulty by setting the direction and speed of the targets.
  • Knife Hit: This popular mobile game challenges you to throw knives into a spinning log without hitting any previously thrown knives. You can unlock new knives and face boss challenges as you progress.

Web Games:

  • Knife Hit (web version): Similar to the mobile game, this online version requires you to throw knives into a spinning target without hitting any others.
  • Hit Knife: This online game challenges you to throw knives into spinning objects like fruits and vegetables. You can earn points by hitting specific targets and avoid hitting previously thrown knives.


  • There may be other, less popular games called "Throwing Knife" on different platforms.

General Throwing Knife Game Mechanics:

While specific controls may vary, many "Throwing Knife" games share similar mechanics:

  • Touch or click to aim: You typically tap or hold your finger on the screen to aim the knife.
  • Release to throw: Releasing your finger throws the knife in the aimed direction.
  • Avoid collisions: Don't hit any previously thrown knives or other obstacles, as this usually ends the game.
  • Score points: Hitting targets often earns you points or unlocks new levels/knives.

To get specific instructions, please tell me:

  • Which platform are you playing on (mobile, web, etc.)?
  • Do you remember the game's developer or publisher?
  • Can you describe the game's graphics or any other unique features?

With more information, I can provide you with accurate controls and instructions for your specific "Throwing Knife" game!