About WarCall.io

In this upgrade battle royale game, you'll be playing as a tiny mouse trying to survive in a dangerous world. You will be facing off against other players in an attempt to become the last standing. Upgrade your character and use various different strategies to outlast your enemies. Are you ready? Let’s take your mouse warrior on an epic journey! Rediscover the magic of upgrading with this brand-new gaming experience!

Step into the shoes of Warcall.io, a tiny mouse that lives inside an old clock tower, and join him on his quest to find upgrades for his home. But first, you must help him find his way through this maze-like online world filled with strange creatures and baffling puzzles. Intense battles against giant rats, sneaky snakes, and frightening spiders are just some of the challenges ahead.

With each victory, Warcall.io’s strength grows stronger and he becomes more confident in his quest for upgrades – but can he overcome every challenge? Find hidden paths, crack codes, and locate helpful potions as you explore dark dungeons, torchlit tunnels, and eerie chambers. Discover hidden secrets by solving challenging riddles or clues; solve maddening puzzles that leave you scratching your head; enjoy interactive locations like libraries or workshops; avoid deadly pits; stay alert for lurking dangers such as rat traps or spider webs; dodge poison arrows; collect useful items such as torches.

Now get ready for epic battle royale fun with other warcallers! Good luck!

How to play WarCall.io

Left mouse button to attack (hold to charge)

Right mouse button to use the special attack