About Wormaniaio

The world is infested with worms. These ugly little creatures are not cute at all, despite their cuteness. They have grown so much in numbers that they have taken over the world! It’s time for you to stop them from multiplying further and regain control of your territory. Take up arms with your fellow players and exterminate these pesky worms. Join now and become the champion in this exciting game.

Worms are back and they have brought their friends. In this brand new Worms multiplayer game, you can team up with your friends or compete against them in a variety of fun activities. Whether you like to plan strategies and build your own path, or just shoot first and ask questions later – there’ll be something for everyone!

It’s time to rise again! Take control of your own worm and start a new battle against other players. This time, you won’t be limited by the size of the arena. You can use your skills in any environment that you choose. Choose your weapon carefully and try to take as many enemies with you as possible. Good luck!

How to play Wormaniaio

Using Mouse