About Wormo IO game

Wormo.io is an arcade-style competitive multiplayer .io game developed by Jetti Games. In "Wormo.io," players control worms or snakes and compete to become the largest worm on the leaderboard. It features a unique twist compared to other snake-like IO games, as players have the ability to shoot bullets to interact with other players.

Wormo IO


How to play Wormo IO game

Here's a general guide on how to play "Wormo.io" and its basic controls:


  1. Mouse Cursor: Move your worm/snake in the direction of your mouse cursor.

  2. Left Mouse Button: Use the left mouse button to shoot bullets in the direction of your cursor. Bullets can be used to harm other worms/snakes.

How to Play:

  1. Collect Orbs: The primary objective in "Wormo.io" is to collect small orbs scattered throughout the game world. As you collect orbs, your worm/snake will grow longer and larger.

  2. Increase Bullet Range: Collecting orbs not only makes you bigger but also increases the range and effectiveness of your bullets. The longer your worm/snake, the farther your bullets can travel.

  3. Shoot Bullets: Use your bullets strategically to attack other worms/snakes. While bullets won't immediately kill them, they can harm and slow down other players. If you can collect their orbs while they're weakened, it can give you an advantage.

  4. Outmaneuver Opponents: Use clever maneuvers and tactics to outmaneuver enemy worms/snakes. This may involve encircling them, trapping them, or dodging their attacks.

  5. Watch Out for Larger Worms: Be cautious when encountering larger worms/snakes, as they can use their length to their advantage. Try to avoid head-on collisions with them.

  6. Compete for the Leaderboard: The ultimate goal is to climb the leaderboard by becoming the largest worm/snake in the game. As you grow and accumulate points, your rank will increase.

  7. Avoid Running Into Yourself: Just like in traditional snake games, avoid running into your own body or any obstacles, as it will result in your worm/snake's demise.

  8. Strategize: "Wormo.io" is not just about size but also strategy. Think strategically about when and where to use your bullets and how to outwit your opponents.

Keep in mind that "Wormo.io" is a fast-paced and competitive game, and the strategies you use can vary depending on the situation and the behavior of other players. Since game details and mechanics can change over time, for the most up-to-date information and community tips, you may want to visit the official website or community forums for "Wormo.io" if available.