About YORG.io

YORG.io is a game enjoyable base-building game, you must attempt to endure as long as you can in the face of oncoming zombie waves and other players. You must initially construct extractors to gather raw materials in order to build defensive structures and expand your base. Build the extractors and join them to form a productive network of resource hubs to maintain a steady stream of cash.

You can begin constructing defensive constructions to fortify your base against the zombies after you have a reliable source of cash. Towers come in a variety of forms, such as arrow and gun towers. Continue gathering resources, erect a stronghold, and battle valiantly!


  • A fun defensive game featuring base construction and resource management gameplay
  • To ensure that each resource can be processed effectively, the supply chain needs to be managed.
  • defensive structures to combat the undead
  • You can construct walls to shield your base.
    • Buildings that can be upgraded to improve their capabilities

How to play YORG.io

Building placement is done using the left mouse button.