About Agar.io

Agar.io is a game set in a colorful world where you must eat or be eaten by creatures. You must eat to grow and stay alive. You can eat other creatures, but you cannot eat yourself. Eating is a strategic part of the game, as you must eat at the right times to grow and stay alive.

There are only 2 straightforward rules to the game:

1) In order to evolve, you can only devour targets that are smaller than you;

2) you must avoid contact with larger items at all costs. Try to collect each of the minuscule color blips as you make your way through the grid. Eat and grow, divide and procreate, and take over the planet.

Create the largest cell possible by expanding. Users have quick reactions and move forward while dodging attacks. Make the cell consume the tiny colored dots so it can expand. In frantic multiplayer action, conquer the Agar.io arena and consume other players.

How to play Agar.io


Use your mouse to play.

Press W to eject mass, and the spacebar to split yourself.