About Army Sink

Army Sink is a game that has been released or gained popularity more recently, I would recommend checking official game stores, websites, or online gaming communities for the most up-to-date information. You can find details about the game's features, controls, and any competitions it may have by visiting the official game's website or referring to the documentation provided by the game developers.

How to play Army Sink


  1. Movement Controls: Use arrow keys, WASD keys, or on-screen controls to navigate your character.

  2. Action Controls: Depending on the gameplay, you may have specific controls for actions such as attacking opponents, gathering followers, or using special abilities.

How to Play:

  1. Objective: The main goal is to gather the largest crowd or army of followers. This is often achieved by moving through the game world and recruiting NPCs (non-player characters) or other players to join your group.

  2. Defeat Rivals: Players typically compete against each other to have the biggest crowd. Defeating rivals might involve direct competition, such as engaging in battles or outmaneuvering opponents to absorb their followers.

  3. Multiplayer Interaction: Since "Army Sink" is described as a multiplayer game, expect to interact with other players in real-time. This interaction could involve alliances, battles, or strategic moves to outwit opponents.

  4. Leadership Role: As you gather more followers, you become a leader in the game. The challenge is to maintain your leadership position by continuously growing your army and overcoming challenges.

  5. Avoid Falling: The mention of don't let yourself fall suggests that there might be elements in the game where players can lose followers or face setbacks. This could add an additional layer of strategy and risk management.

Participate in Competitions:

  1. Competitive Events: The game may have organized competitions or events where players can showcase their skills and compete for rewards.

  2. Leaderboards: Compete with other players on leaderboards to see who has the largest army or who has achieved certain milestones.

  3. Challenges: Participate in challenges or missions to earn rewards and enhance your standing in the game.