About Ball Picker 3D

Ball Picker 3D is a captivating 3D physics-based hyper-casual game that challenges players to guide a scoop through dynamic courses, collecting balls and dropping them into designated pits. The game features intuitive controls, colorful graphics, and a variety of levels to test your hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and strategic thinking.

How to play Ball Picker 3D


  • Use the mouse to control the scoop's movement: Guide the scoop left, right, forward, and backward to navigate the course and collect the balls.

  • Left-click to activate the scoop's grab mechanism: Open the scoop to capture the balls and hold them securely.

  • Maneuver the scoop carefully to avoid obstacles and maintain balance: Overcome various obstacles, such as ramps, bumpers, and moving platforms, without tipping over or spilling the balls.

  • Target the designated pits to release the balls: Carefully position the scoop over the designated pits and release the balls to score points.

  • Complete each level within the time limit to earn bonus points: Race against the clock to complete each level efficiently and maximize your score.


  • Progress through a series of levels: Each level presents a unique challenge, with varying arrangements of obstacles, ball placement, and pit locations.

  • Master the physics-based mechanics: Adapt to the realistic physics of the scoop's movement, ball interactions, and gravity to effectively collect and transport the balls.

  • Develop strategic thinking: Plan your route carefully, considering the placement of obstacles, balls, and pits to optimize your ball collection and minimize time spent maneuvering.

  • Collect all the balls to earn perfect scores: Aim for perfection by collecting every ball on each level, maximizing your points and demonstrating your ball-gathering prowess.

  • Upgrade your scoop with coins: Collect coins throughout the levels to unlock upgrades for your scoop, enhancing its speed, capacity, and overall performance.


  • Anticipate ball trajectory: Observe the balls' bounce patterns and anticipate their movement after interacting with obstacles, allowing you to position the scoop accordingly for a smooth catch.

  • Utilize obstacles strategically: Use obstacles to your advantage by bouncing the balls off them to reach difficult-to-access areas or create ricochet shots that bypass defenders.

  • Manage your time wisely: Don't rush your movements, but maintain a steady pace to collect all the balls within the time limit and maximize your score.

  • Practice and refine your skills: With consistent practice, you'll develop better hand-eye coordination, problem-solving abilities, and strategic thinking, allowing you to conquer every level and become the ultimate Ball Picker 3D champion.