About BattleDudes.io

BattleDudes.io is an HTML5 gaming platform where you can play multiplayer games and create your own with the help of our user-friendly WYSIWYG editor. This game offers both casual and hardcore gamers a fun place to meet, play, and chat with other players. The game is simple to learn but has a depth that requires strategic thinking to advance. There are no in-app purchases or third-party advertising, so you can enjoy this game without interruption.

BattleDudes.io’s strategy games involve player vs player conflicts as opposed to AI versus human gameplay. The strategic gameplay is more important than individual weapons because the effectiveness of a unit depends on their arrangement on the battlefield, positioning them against their adversary’s weak points, keeping them concealed from visual sight, and creating ambushes through the use of blind spots such as doors

This amazing game is a 2D top-down multiplayer action game with strategy elements. Battle against opponents in real-time and upgrade your tank. Use various weapons to destroy your opponents, while staying alive yourself! There are 4 game modes (Survival, Team Deathmatch, Coop, and Versus), 19 maps, 5 tanks, and various upgrades to unlock as you progress through the game. You must not only have strategic thinking but also improve your reaction time or have reflexes to last longer on the battlefield. Strive for victory and become the ultimate Battle. Good luck!

How to play BattleDudes.io

WASD to move

Left mouse button to shoot

R to reload

E to enter vehicles

Mouse scroll or 1-4 number keys to switch weapons

M or Tab to enlarge the map

You can customize the controls in the Settings