About Bomb It 3

Bomb It 3 game has been updated with bombing and multiplayer modes so you can take on your friends in a whole new way. Let's get started! Bomberman is a 2 vs 2 arena runner game where you run from one side of the screen to the other, collecting bombs as you go. Your goal is to score points by running into enemies and exploding them for points of explosive energy called "Bomb" power-ups. This amazing game includes everything you need to play including control, graphics, song selection, and even difficulty levels!

Are you a fan of bombing? Do you like to destroy obstacles and score as many points as possible? If you answered YES to both of the questions, then this game is for you! In this game, you will control a bomb and use your skills to blow up objects in your path. After using the bomb, it will release an explosive that will deal damage to everything closeby.

To help the citizens of the world avoid nuclear war, you must launch bombs from a bomb shelter at high speed. Use gravity to your advantage and fly bombs toward your bomb shelter to launch it. Make sure not to crash or else you will lose a life. Collect stars to increase your score and get a better bomb shelter!

How to play Bomb It 3

Single player controls

  • Move with the arrow keys.
  • To drop a bomb, press the space bar.

Two players controls

  • Player 1 uses the WASD keys, while Player 2 uses the arrow keys to move.
  • Player 1 should press space to drop a bomb, while Player 2 should press enter.