About BuildRoyale.io

BuildRoyale.io offers an exhilarating online Battle Royale experience where resource management, building skills, and combat prowess are crucial for survival. Join the intense competition, loot for weapons, build structures, and outlast other players to claim victory in this dynamic top-down game!

How to play BuildRoyale.io

Controls Guide:

  • Movement:

    • Use arrow keys or WASD to move your character.
  • Aim and Shoot:

    • Aim with the mouse.
    • Left-click to shoot.
  • Build Structures:

    • Use the Q key or the right mouse button to toggle building mode.
    • Select building structures with keys 1 to 4 (walls, ramps, floors, roofs).
    • Left-click to place structures.
  • Toggle Inventory:

    • Press the Tab key to toggle your inventory.
  • Switch Weapons:

    • Scroll the mouse wheel or use the number keys (1-5) to switch between weapons.
  • Pickaxe:

    • Use the E key or left mouse button to use the pickaxe for resource gathering.
  • Interact:

    • Press the F key to pick up items, open chests, and interact with objects.

How to Play:

  1. Join the Game:

    • Enter the game lobby and wait for the match to start.
  2. Resource Gathering:

    • Use the pickaxe to gather resources like wood, metal, and bricks.
  3. Combat:

    • Engage in combat with other players using a variety of color-coded guns.
  4. Building Structures:

    • Toggle building mode to create walls, ramps, floors, and roofs for cover.
  5. Survive the Storm:

    • Watch out for the red storm that closes in, forcing players into a smaller play area.
  6. Healing Items:

    • Pick up healing items to restore health.
  7. Revive Teammates:

    • In squad mode, revive fallen teammates to continue the fight.
  8. Be the Last Man Standing:

    • Survive against other players and be the last man, duo, or squad standing.

Tips for Success:

  • Resource Management:

    • Gather enough resources to build cover and structures.
  • Color-Coded Guns:

    • Look out for shiny gold guns for powerful weapons.
  • Building Tactics:

    • Use building structures strategically for offense and defense.
  • Storm Awareness:

    • Stay aware of the storm's movement to avoid getting caught in it.
  • Team Coordination:

    • Communicate and coordinate with teammates in squad mode.
  • Adaptability:

    • Be adaptable in combat situations and switch between weapons and building.
  • Healing Priority:

    • Prioritize healing items to maintain your health during battles.