About Castles.cc (Cubic Castles)

Castles.CC (Cubic Castles) game - In the open-world MMO game, you can construct, trade, mine, make crafts, and role-play. With other players in the vibrant community, you can explore, create your ideal environment, and engage in combat.

Features of Cubic Castles

Make your character unique.

Create the ideal character with a variety of styles to suit you. Visit the Cubit store to purchase caps, shirts, pants, wings, and numerous other accessories.

Create a universe of your own

You may sculpt the landscape and create your own world in Castles.CC. You can mine materials, make goods, start a farm, and much more in that world of your own.

Investigate huge vistas

Investigate my numerous regions. With materials specific to that biome, forests, deserts, mountain ranges, arctic landscapes, and tropical islands are all open for exploration.

Conflict and race

It's not just about building and exploring in Castles.CC. There is also a ton of action. Cars can be driven at will for entertainment or in racing. PvP wand fights against other players are also an option!

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How to play Castles.cc (Cubic Castles)

WASD+Mouse, or arrow keys+mouse