About Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy in the casual.io this game, you draw colors to enlarge your territory in one of the numerous colorfully themed battle arenas. Utilize your gold to unlock additional vehicles, colors, and patterns, and complete numerous objectives to earn daily rewards.


Expand the Color Galaxy

To expand your domain one splash of color at a time, drive around and loop back. Create a distinctive look by personalizing your color scheme. Build colossal, gorgeous bases with a special base-building technique to rule the globe.

Take the opposing team by surprise

You can cut through a player's line if they are outside of their territory and have disconnected lines to take them out! Take over the territory of other players and claim it as your own.

Customize your character

Buy cool new vehicles to take to the arena. Customize your fillings to mark your territory in colorful and patterned styles. You can also buy stickers, event items, and other unique goods in the shop.

Complete daily quests

Collect gold from each match and complete daily quests to earn new rewards. Each day you come back to play Color Galay puts you one step closer to the big prize.

Make your character unique

Purchase rad new automobiles to drive into the arena. Create fills that are unique to you to mark your territory in vibrant and patterned ways. In the store, you may also purchase stickers, stuff for events, and other exclusive goods.

Finished daily quests

Gain new goodies by completing daily quests and gathering gold from each game. The more frequently you return to play Color Galay, the closer you get to winning the grand prize.

How to play Color Galaxy

Using Mouse