About Combat Zone (.io)

Welcome to the Combat Zone. The world has been ravaged by a zombie outbreak, and it’s up to you and your friends to take them down. You must team up with other players online and work together to destroy as many zombies as possible. Upgrading your character, unlocking new perks, and collecting rare weapons will help provide you with the edge you need.

In this top-down 2D arena shooter game, you are one of many soldiers fighting against hordes of blood-thirsty zombies in an underground research facility once operated by a corporation called IEND. At that time, they conducted experiments on human subjects using a drug called Z-13 in order to create super soldiers. Unfortunately for humanity… It worked! Now it is your job to rid the world of these undead fiends once and for.

A deadly virus has taken over the world and only you and your teammates can stop it. Explore this strange new planet, kill as many zombies as possible, and compete against other players in this fast-paced online shooter. Test your skills in battle with your friends, or team up with other survivors to take down hordes of zombie enemies together.

This is a top-down multiplayer shooter where you are a zombie. Your goal is to either kill the other players or be the last zombie standing. You can also turn into a human and try to shoot down the zombies with your gun. This game is played in a grid where you can only move left, right, and forward.

Combat Zone is a fast-paced top-down multiplayer shooter combining horror, sci-fi, and comedy in one crazy package. You are a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, hiding in an abandoned military outpost – for now… The outpost has been overrun with bloodthirsty zombies, so you will have to fight your way. Good luck!


  • Fluid gameplay in tank battles.
  • Special shooting mechanics.
  • Large-scale warfare experience in multiplayer.
  • For greater tank variation, level up.
  • Many upgradeable features for your tank; fight any way you like!

How to play Combat Zone (.io)

  • Move: W-A-S-D | Arrow Keys | Q-Z-S-D (AZERTY keyboards).
  • Use the mouse to aim.
  • Fire: Hold the left mouse button
  • Auto Fire: Press the' E' key to activate
  • Skill Upgrades: Press 1-2-3-4-5-6