About CrazySteve.io

CrazySteve.io is a game where you play as Steve, and your goal is to collect coins, diamonds, and other resources while trying not to get crushed by the traps that are set around the map. The game features Minecraft-like gameplay with simple mechanics that anyone can understand after playing for the first time. Each level will have different obstacles and different ways to solve them.

You control Steve with your mouse and swipe left or right to move him left or right in the level. If an obstacle has you trapped then you can smash it by pressing space when nearby it. If an obstacle has trapped another resource, then you can break it by pressing the space next to it. You must also be careful of other hazards like pits, spikes, lava, acid, etc. Good luck!

How to play CrazySteve.io

Left click to throw TNT

Right click to boost speed