About Crowd City (Crowded City .io)

Crowd City is a fun game, try to rule the city. The goal of this fantastic online game is to draw the greatest crowd possible. Control one character at the beginning of the game. Gaining support for your cause will help you achieve power. Simply maneuver the character in the direction of neutral (grey) individuals to see them change color and merge into your throng.

Crowd City is a ton of fun as far as multiplayer games go because it offers action that is simple to play. Compete with gamers from all over the world for control of the city. The 3D games have appealing graphics and a predetermined duration. The one who has the biggest throng under control at the end of the time limit is the winner.

Keep an eye out for other players because they could join your crowd and force you out of the round. Only if you already have a sizable fan base can you conquer other players and take their audience. For instance, if player 1 had 250 supporters and player 2 had 245, player 1 would be able to defeat player 2 and grab all 245. Try to rule as the city's champion and gather the hippest crowd possible.

Feature of the game:

  • Gameplay that converts players
  • 3D cities beautiful
  • AI enemies
  • A sizeable and significant number of supporters

How to play Crowd City (Crowded City .io)

Move your mouse to control the movement.