DEADSHOT.io, in this online action game your goal is to eliminate as many opponents as you can. There is currently only one mode available. You will have three distinct weapons to pick from when the game first begins. The objective is to eliminate adversaries and advance as far as you can on the ledger. You may always check the position of your ledger in the in-game menu. You won't get bored playing this game because it has excellent gameplay and 3D graphics. Simply make a call to your friends to get started playing!

Deadshot is a casual first-person shooter that's easily accessible. Grab your friends, join a lobby, and eliminate your opponents! When you hop in, you have the option to choose a loadout that compliments your play style.

How to play DEADSHOT.io

W - Move forward

A - Move left

S - Move backward

D - Move right

Ctrl - Crouch

Enter - Chat

Escape - Pause

Left click - Shoot

Right click - Aim down sights