Digdig.io is a game, created by TeamVibes and released on June 20th, 2018. This one is a puzzle game that takes place in a hexagonal world with water and lava everywhere. The player controls a cute snail named Peter who must brave the dangers of this hostile environment to save his home. There are four worlds in This amazing game: Water, Fire, Earth, and Lava. To get to new worlds players will need to complete stages in previous worlds first. Every level has its own unique theme, enemies, and special blocks called ‘cogs’ scattered throughout it. Players must break these cogs using their snails and use their rewards to unlock new worlds for themselves. In each level, the player needs to guide the little snail through dangerous locations without getting crushed or burned by lava or water or harmed by other enemies. To do so they have to collect star coins which can be found just about anywhere in each level except for the main black holes of course which are safe to enter but there’s no reward inside them so they’re not worth risking your life over! Once you collect enough star coins you can also unlock more difficult levels that come with more dangerous threats like flowing lava, poisonous ooze, and spike-lined walls just begging to get you killed!

Digdig.io is a digital puzzle game and it’s one of the most addictive games ever. It’s also known as Connect the Diggle or Connect 4 in some parts of the world. This digital game requires at least two players and each player has to connect four same-colored dots using their fingers in any direction possible in a limited time. There are various levels with increasing difficulty levels and it gets more challenging as you proceed to higher levels. So, if you’re looking for an engaging game that can give your brain a mind-blowing experience then this might be just what you need. Here we will guide you on how to play This amazing game, tips and tricks that can improve your gameplay, strategies to master the game, and the best places to play this addicting game.

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Using Mouse