About Dogod.io

A multiplayer action game based on the idea of weapon evolution is called Dogod. The game primarily focuses on weapon and character customization, with different weapons and armor providing different abilities for players.

Players can select from one of several character skins and different sets of armor, each with its own stat bonuses. Every piece of equipment includes a “trait” that enables unique character abilities which can be further upgraded by combining multiple pieces of the same equipment. Players can also collect dog tags from defeated enemies to buy new equipment or upgrade existing equipment.

The focus on weapon and character customization sets Dogod apart from most multiplayer shooters. There are no pre-defined classes or roles in Dogod; players can customize their characters to suit whatever playstyle they prefer. If you like sniper rifles, go ahead and make your character an expert sniper with a high-powered scope and other advanced upgrades!

With so many different combinations of weapons, armor, and abilities to choose from, there is virtually no end to the number of ways you can customize your character in Dogod.

How to play Dogod.io

Using Mouse