About Dont Fall io

Do Not Fall.io is a fun multiplayer online competition game. On a platform made of blocks, each player will be positioned. The blocks beneath the player's foot will eventually disappear, so they must keep moving. The player will fall to the following platform whenever they have nowhere else to go. The ultimate victor is the one who can remain on the platform all the way to the end.

Beat all of them! You must be the last person standing in the arena where everything is constantly crashing down around you if you want to win! Avoid falling and stay as long as you can!

Never before have the rules been so straightforward: just hop onto the platforms and keep from falling. Whoever fell was lost. The winner is the last person standing! Handle it? Have fun and good luck!

Game highlights

1. Refrain from falling!
2. To win, you must appear last on the map.
3. fun and easy mechanic!


Hurry and leap! You must be the last player standing in the area in the game Do Not Fall.io, which features REAL-TIME ONLINE MULTIPLAYER PVP.

Game features

1. genuine 3D graphics
2. a lot of intense and humorous moments!

How to play Dont Fall io

In order to win, you must outlast other players who will remain on the platform the longest. Keep the person from falling into the water. Play Don't Fall to have a blast!