About Elevator Fall Break

Elevator Fall Break is described as a 3D hypercasual arcade game where players aim to save the elevator from various obstacles. The objective is to safely guide the elevator down and rescue the falling character. The game is presented as an addictive hypercasual experience where players aim to skillfully guide the elevator down, avoiding obstacles and rescuing the falling character. Here's a summary of the controls guide and how to play:

How to play Elevator Fall Break

Controls Guide:

  • Hold your finger on the screen to apply brakes.
  • Release your finger to let the elevator fall.

How to Play:

  1. Hold and Release: Use the one-tap control to hold your finger on the screen to apply brakes to the elevator and release it to allow it to fall.
  2. Avoid Obstacles: Navigate the elevator down without touching the obstacles that may be in its path.
  3. Goal: Safely reach the ground with the elevator to rescue the falling character.
  4. Unlock Skins: Unlock multiple funny skins for the elevator, such as Auto, Cars, Bus, Pizza Motorcycle, Plane, etc.
  5. Challenging Obstacles: Encounter difficult obstacles like rotators, rods, stack balls, flippers, etc.
  6. Avoid Bouncing: If you touch obstacles, the elevator may bounce, leading to failure.
  7. Level Progression: The game offers lots of stunning levels for players to progress through.
  8. Time Killer Hypercasual Game: Designed as a great time killer with addictive gameplay.
  9. Graphics and Animation: Features nice graphics and animation for an engaging gaming experience.


  • One-tap control for easy gameplay.
  • Unlockable funny skins for the elevator.
  • Challenging obstacles to add difficulty.
  • Multiple levels to keep players engaged.
  • Hypercasual game design for quick and accessible gameplay.
  • Pleasant graphics and animation.