About Ferge.io

Enjoy Ferge.io game multiplayer first-person shooter. Challenge yourself as you explore the vast world of Ferge.io and find all the hidden treasures.

Try to find all the hidden treasures at each level by solving puzzles and avoiding dangers. Stay alert and keep playing for a higher score! Don’t miss any opportunity to get more points by unlocking new levels, completing bonus objectives, or buying boosters with gold coins that will help you pass through tough levels at once.

Explore and unlock new worlds! There are many different locations to visit as you explore this amazing game world filled with exotic landscapes, mysterious dungeons, and cityscapes that put you right in the middle of everything as you play it. Try to collect every single treasure in each level to reach the next one! You have found a chest in an unexplored area... Don’t get too excited, but rather look for another one just like it in another location because there is no telling where else it might be hiding... Explore every corner of this magical world filled with secrets and hidden surprises waiting for you to discover them!

How to play Ferge.io

 WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, Space = jump