About Janissary Tower

Janissary Tower is a 2-player tower battle game that is similar to the game Fortz. In Janissary Tower, your objective is to construct a strong defense and defeat your opponent by effectively using a cannon. It's a competitive game where you'll face off against another player in a battle of strategy and skill.

How to play Janissary Tower

Here's a general overview of how to play:


  • Janissary Tower is designed for two players.
  • Each player controls a tower, and the goal is to outmaneuver and destroy your opponent's tower while defending your own.


  • The specific controls can vary depending on the platform or version you are playing.
  • You'll typically have controls for building structures within your tower, adjusting the angle and power of your cannon, and firing the cannon.


  • Your main objective is to destroy your opponent's tower before they destroy yours.
  • You can achieve this by using your cannon strategically to launch projectiles at your opponent's tower.


  • Success in the game often involves constructing a strong and defensible tower.
  • You'll need to plan your shots carefully, adjusting the cannon's angle and power to hit your target accurately.


  • Janissary Tower is a multiplayer game, and you'll be competing against another player.
  • It's a head-to-head battle where you'll need to outsmart your opponent to emerge victorious.

To get a better understanding of the game's controls and mechanics, you may want to explore in-game tutorials or instructions. Janissary Tower offers a competitive and engaging two-player experience where strategy and precision are key to winning the battle.