About Kiomet

Kiomet is an online real-time strategy game where you must defend your kingdom while enlarging your territory through conquest. Send troops to take over and expand your territory, and don't forget to upgrade places you've claimed because it might be necessary to do so in order to take over additional areas.

Our review of KIOMET

Achieving a major advantage the e over your enemies is no easy feat. Will you build enough lands to take on them all, or will they encroach on yours? In this action strategy game, you must defend your kingdom from enemy attacks and expand it with the help of resources. Your goal is not only to win the battle but also to keep the peace in times of war. You need to be strategic when playing a war game: Your first task is to plan out your approach for each battle and make sure that every inch of your territory is defended so as not to give the enemy any room for maneuver. Keep in mind that the territory that you control can change depending on what side you are on. If you are on the side of good, you want to expand as much as possible and take away as much territory as possible while keeping others at bay. On the other hand, if you are on the side of evil, then your first priority should be protecting as much land as possible so as not to give away your true colors before you have a chance to fight back.

While some might prefer playing online action games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 2, Kiomet is a new entry into the genre that aims to be more than just another competitive game. Instead, it’s an online strategy game with a unique feature: It’s a real-time strategy game where you must expand your territory by capturing new areas and must protect your kingdom.

This makes it one of the most challenging medieval strategy games on the market, but also one of the most accessible too. If you love city exploration and combat as much as we do, this might be exactly what you are looking for! When playing Koimet, you control three different kingdoms: Byzantium, Marseille, and Paris. Each of these kingdoms has its own set of objectives that range from capturing new territory to improving the quality of life in nearby areas. Once you figure out which objectives each kingdom lends its weight to, it becomes easier than ever to expand your territory through strategic conquest. Have fun!

How to play Kiomet

WASD / arrow keys / drag right-click = move camera view

Drag left-click = send forces to another area