About Krunker

Krunker is a pixelated first-person shooter game with a quick pace. Gamers enter a pixelated landscape to battle other players from across the world in this game. Krunker is similar to games like Overwatch and Quake Champions in that it has a range of characters and maps with different themes.

Unlike other games that have been built around this gameplay mechanic before, Krunker has an interactive battle system where players can control the movement of their character directly as they shoot and move forward.

The goal of Krunker is to shoot your opponents until they die in order to win the match. It is also important to note that there are no health packs or healing items available in this game. Once you’ve fallen over, you’ll either respawn at the last checkpoint you passed or be returned back to your base if none were available.

Krunker is a very fast-paced game. Each match lasts just ten minutes, and players can expect to see action from the second they hit play. Between rounds, players are awarded coins that they can use to unlock new characters, skins, and weapons. There are a few different ways to earn coins in Krunker - playing matches and gaining XP through leveling up your character are the most common methods.

Krunker takes inspiration from games like PUBG and Fortnite in which the main objective is to scavenge for weapons and build fortifications to defend yourself from other players. Krunker is constantly being developed by a small team at AlgebraicLabs, Inc. It’s an independent game studio that provides services for established gaming brands. We hope you enjoy playing Krunker as much as we enjoyed building it!

How to play Krunker

Use the WASD keys to move

Left click to shoot

R to reload

C to aim / zoom

Space bar to jump

Shift to crouch

F to spray paint