About Kugeln.io

Kugeln.io is a 2D multiplayer shooter io game with power-ups. Together with up to 8 other players, you must fight to the death on a variety of maps.

Three game modes are available:

Death Match

Compete with everyone else on the map in combat. Having the greatest score earns you to victory.

Team Death Match

Red and blue are the two teams that compete against one another. Avoid attempting to murder your teammates! The group that scores the most wins!

Capture the Flag

Similar to Team Death Match, however, to win, you must carry your opponent's flag to your own. Whoever has three captures first wins!

How to play Kugeln.io

  • Use A/D to move your character, and space to leap. You can use your mouse to aim.
  • Use the left mouse button to shoot, and the right one to launch a grenade.
  • When you are close to a machine gun, press E to fire it. You must locate that weapon on the map and pick it up once again in order to reload your gun.
  • And keep an eye on your health at all times!