About Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is a fast-paced multiplayer snake game with cute graphics and lots of different game modes. You can play this browser game in your Chrome or Opera. Is a fun and fast-paced browser game, in which you are a snake. Your goal is to grow as long as possible and compete with other players from all around the world. There are several ways in which you can upgrade your snake so that it grows faster and longer. You have to be smart and strategic at the same time if you want to beat your competitors in this challenging browser game.

This is a simple, cute and cuddly game where you play as a little big snake. Your objective is to become the biggest snake in the world by eating smaller snakes and growing longer. You can also eat apples and grow faster. Be aware of bigger snakes as they can attack you as well! Grow your little big snake and become the biggest snake in the this amazing game.

This fantastic game can be played on a computer or a mobile device. It's a cooperative snake game in which you and your pals must work together to stay alive. You can play it online with your family or friends as well. In this game, you control a snake as he attempts to reach the level's exit. He must collect coins in order to enhance his snake while while avoiding obstacles and adversaries. This game has a lot of levels that you can play as many times as you like. As you continue through the stages, more difficulties and foes will appear, putting your talents to the test. You can also get improvements for your snake so that he stays stronger.

This is a dynamic snake game with a cute and colorful art style. As you play, you will grow your snake, explore new worlds, eat smaller players, and upgrade your scales to become the biggest.

How to play Little Big Snake

Move your mouse to control the snake or flying beetle movement.

Left-click to boost speed or make the flying beetle ascend.