About Loomen.io

Loomen.io is an IO game with a unique twist involving the fog of war. In this game, you control a small fish equipped with an illuminating light. Your visibility is limited to the radius of your light, creating a challenging and strategic gameplay experience. By consuming food and growing your mass, your light radius expands, granting you an advantage over other players who may have limited visibility.

How to play Loomen.io

Controls Guide:

  • Movement: Use the mouse cursor to control the movement of your fish.
  • Illuminate: Your fish automatically emits light around it. The radius of this light increases as you grow larger.
  • Eat Food: Swim over small glowing pellets of food to consume them. This will increase your fish's size and light radius.
  • Attack Enemies: Larger fish can attack and consume smaller fish. Simply swim into a smaller fish to devour it.
  • Avoid Larger Enemies: Be cautious of larger fish with greater light radii. They can see and consume you if you swim too close.

How to Play:

  1. Survival of the Fittest: In Loomen.io, the main objective is to survive and grow your fish to become the most dominant in the underwater world.

  2. Illuminate Your Path: Your fish emits light, allowing you to see within its radius. As you consume food and grow larger, your light radius expands, revealing more of the dark waters around you.

  3. Consume Food: Swim over the glowing pellets of food scattered throughout the map. Each food item you consume increases your fish's size and light radius.

  4. Hunt and Consume: Smaller fish are your prey. As you grow larger, seek out smaller fish and swim into them to devour them. This will further increase your size and power.

  5. Watch Out for Larger Predators: As your light radius expands, you'll be able to see larger fish with greater visibility. Avoid swimming too close to these predators unless you're ready for a battle.

  6. Strategic Gameplay: Manage your movement and positioning carefully. Use your increasing light radius to your advantage, scouting out potential threats and opportunities for growth.

  7. Grow and Dominate: The more you consume, the larger and more powerful your fish becomes. Aim to become the largest fish in the ocean, dominating the leaderboard.

  8. Adapt to the Fog of War: Remember, your visibility is limited by your light radius. Use this to your advantage, ambushing unsuspecting prey or evading larger threats.

  9. Compete and Climb the Leaderboard: Compare your size and score with other players on the leaderboard. Aim to reach the top spot by outmaneuvering and outgrowing your opponents.

  10. Persistence Pays Off: Like many IO games, success in Loomen.io requires persistence, strategy, and a bit of luck. Learn from each game, adapt your tactics, and strive to become the ultimate predator of the deep.