About Lordz.io

Lordz.io is an exciting multiplayer survival game based on a medieval world. Starting as a lonesome lord, you must build a small empire by collecting gold and building your base. Create various military units and prepare your defenses. Be careful out there, there are other lords to contend with!

Lordz.io Strategy

Go through the map to get coins that will allow you to build houses to grow food for your army and castles to protect those houses. Once you get enough resources, create your faithful soldiers, choosing between the soldier, knight, archer, barbarian, or dragon, to get the upper hand on other lordz'.


  • Build vast and powerful armies
  • Collect and mine gold to rapidly expand your empire
  • Attack other lords and loot their bases
  • Upgrade structures to secure your power

How to play Lordz.io

Create a Mini-Empire

You can employ a variety of constructions to increase your power. Create mage towers and use mages to expose your adversaries to the power of magic. Build homes for more stronger units, such as soldiers, knights, and archers, to expand your small empire.

Build plenty of castle walls to deter opposing lords and safeguard your resources because defenses are a must if you want to keep your base standing.

Earning money

A crucial aspect of the game is collecting gold. You can accomplish this by manually gathering coins. But you develop gold mines on deposits if you want to become a wealthy lord. Then you can buy all the eye-catching items, like dragons that can breathe fire.

Your gold mines can be improved with gold just like other structures. Structures that have been upgraded offer more capacity or output. Keep extremely advanced constructions well-watched, please!

Conflict Lords

If you're feeling bold, you can go after other lords straight away. When they are gone on business, it is also quite profitable to demolish and loot their buildings. Take down opponent gold mines for substantial payouts if you're sneaky. After that, spend the money on a couple dragons.


Move your mouse to control the lord

E to build house

R to build tower

T to summon soldier

Y to summon knight

U to summon archer

I to summon barbarian

O to summon dragon

Space bar to split army