About MooMoo.io

MooMoo.io is a game about accumulating materials and constructing a hamlet. To gather wood and stones, strike trees and rocks. These materials can be used to construct windmills and walls. Your windmills and resources that have been identified with a wall are protected by it. Over time, the windmills can reward you with points. Additionally, hitting fruit bushes will yield food that will replenish your HP. The objective is to level up by acquiring resources, just like in the majority of.io games. When you level up in this game, you can select from a variety of upgrades. People can be hostile, so keep an eye out for them. Have a wonderful time!


  • A creative idea for resource collecting and construction
  • Wild creatures
  • A character with better equipment who can be upgraded
  • Party structure

How to play MooMoo.io

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • 1 to 9 keys or left click to select item/building
  • Left click or space to gather resource/hit other players
  • E to toggle auto-attack
  • Q to quick select food
  • X to lock rotation
  • R to ping minimap
  • C to add map marker
  • Enter to chat