About Mr Bullet 2 Online

Mr Bullet 2 Online is a thrilling online game where you take on the role of a spy, tasked with neutralizing opponents in each level. The game requires precise aiming, clever tactics, and creative thinking to complete challenging missions. Here's a guide on how to play and the controls:

How to play Mr Bullet 2 Online


  • Your goal is to eliminate enemies by shooting them while using the least number of bullets possible.
  • The game features multiple levels, each with its own set of obstacles and enemies.
  • The difficulty increases as you progress, requiring more strategic thinking and precise aiming.


  • Use your mouse or touch screen to control the aim and shooting.
  • Aim at your target by moving your cursor or tapping on the screen.
  • Click your mouse or tap to shoot your weapon.

Game Mechanics:

  • Mr Bullet 2 relies on the principles of physics and geometry. You need to calculate the angles, use ricochets, and time your shots to solve puzzles and eliminate enemies.
  • Limited bullets: You have a specific number of bullets for each level, and you must complete the mission within that limit.
  • Different enemies: As you advance through the game, you'll encounter various types of enemies, each with their own characteristics and vulnerabilities.
  • Obstacles: Levels are designed with obstacles and objects that you can use to your advantage. Bounce bullets off walls or objects to reach hidden enemies.


  • The game allows you to purchase new characters in the in-game store. Each character may have unique abilities or characteristics that can help you in your missions.


  • Plan your shots carefully to use the fewest bullets possible.
  • Consider the geometry of the level and use ricochets to hit multiple targets.
  • Observe enemy behavior and weaknesses to determine the best approach for each level.
  • Take advantage of objects and obstacles in the environment to create clever solutions.


  • The primary objective is to complete each level by eliminating all enemies using as few bullets as possible.
  • The game's challenge lies in solving puzzles and devising creative ways to take down enemies.

Mr Bullet 2 Online is a game that combines action, puzzle-solving, and strategy. It challenges your aiming skills, problem-solving abilities, and lateral thinking. With its progressively challenging levels and a variety of enemies and obstacles, it offers an engaging and exciting gameplay experience. Can you become the ultimate spy and complete all the missions with precision and efficiency? Play Mr Bullet 2 Online and find out!