About Noob: End World

Noob: End World is a game where players aim to escape from the end world. The gameplay involves completing levels by navigating through obstacles, jumping over blocks, and avoiding falling into the void. Additionally, players can compete with friends and engage with the game's features, such as killing zombies with a pickaxe to create portals. The emphasis on parkour skills suggests that the game includes elements of precision and agility in overcoming challenges. To play, users likely need to control the character's movements and actions, utilizing jumping and other mechanics to progress through the levels and achieve the objective of escaping the end world.

How to play Noob: End World

Controls Guide for Noob: End World:

  1. Movement Controls:

    • Use the directional controls (arrows or a joystick) to move your character left or right.
  2. Jumping:

    • Tap the jump button to make your character jump.
    • Control the height and distance of your jumps to avoid obstacles and navigate the terrain.
  3. Avoiding the Void:

    • Be cautious not to fall into the void. Precision in jumping and movement is crucial to staying on the platforms.
  4. Interacting with Blocks:

    • It seems there are blocks in the game that you need to navigate around or interact with strategically.
  5. Competing with Friends:

    • Share your progress and results with friends. This may involve comparing level completion times or achievements.
  6. Zombie Killing:

    • Use your pickaxe to eliminate zombies in the game.
    • The act of killing zombies might be tied to specific objectives or unlocking certain features.
  7. Portal Creation:

    • Killing zombies with your pickaxe may trigger the creation of portals.
    • Portals could serve as a means of progression or reaching new areas.
  8. Parkour Skills:

    • Show off your parkour skills by efficiently navigating the game's obstacles and challenges.

How to Play:

  • Navigate through the levels by moving, jumping, and avoiding obstacles.
  • Share your progress and achievements with friends.
  • Kill zombies using your pickaxe to potentially create portals.
  • Demonstrate your parkour skills to successfully escape the end world.