About Noob Steve Christmas

Noob Steve Christmas is an exciting game that challenges players to navigate through snowy landscapes, showcasing their parkour skills in a festive setting. With 10 progressively difficult levels, players can compete with friends, collect blocks, and demonstrate their parkour talent in a winter wonderland.

How to play Noob Steve Christmas


  1. Snowy Escape: Players aim to escape from a snowy area by completing 10 different levels. Each level increases in difficulty, adding a festive challenge to the game.

  2. Parkour Skills: Success in Noob Steve Christmas relies on the player's parkour abilities. Jumping over snow blocks and avoiding pitfalls are crucial to progressing through the winter-themed levels.

  3. Competitive Element: Players can compete with friends by sharing their results. Completing levels quickly and efficiently adds a competitive edge to the game.

  4. Collecting Blocks: Throughout the levels, players can collect blocks to contribute to their score. The blocks may play a role in advancing through the game or achieving specific objectives.

  5. Christmas Theme: Set in a Christmas environment, the game brings a festive touch to the parkour challenges. The snowy landscapes and winter-themed obstacles create a holiday atmosphere.


  • Utilize keyboard controls or on-screen touch controls for movement, jumping, and navigating through the snowy levels.

Objective: The main objective of Noob Steve Christmas is to skillfully navigate through 10 winter-themed levels, demonstrating parkour skills and avoiding obstacles. Collecting blocks along the way contributes to the player's score. The competitive aspect allows players to challenge friends for the fastest completion times.

Parkour Challenge: Noob Steve Christmas provides a platform for players to showcase their parkour talent in a Christmas-themed adventure. With progressively challenging levels and a festive atmosphere, players can immerse themselves in the holiday spirit while competing for the best results.