About OvO.io

Ovo.io - a 2D game for speed lovers. Test your reflexes, speed, and balance. Race against your friends in a high-paced parkour game. Reach the finish line as fast as you can. Check out our other games like Super Drift, Car Racing, and Cops vs Speed is the ultimate weapon. Use it wisely to outmaneuver your opponents before they track you down!

Control the main character with arrow keys, tap to jump, and perform tricks with the spacebar key or left mouse button. The rules of This amazing game are simple: reach the finish line in a limited time! The longer you take to finish the level, the more difficult it becomes. Speed also adds another layer of challenge that makes every level harder than before! There are 8 unique levels with increasing difficulty that will bring you back to the game.

Avoid different kinds of obstacles with your friends or challenge yourself in this fun io game by playing in single-player mode against various AI If you are new to io games, we recommend checking out our other games like Parkour, Speed, and Obstacle. This io game will surely challenge anyone! This one offers some really cool features like:

- A simple gameplay that anyone can learn easily.

- Various AI levels. The difficulty increases as the level progress, so it gets harder and harder to master later levels but at the same time makes it more fun for even.

How to play OvO.io

WASD / arrow keys = move

Enter = open chat Esc = close chat

Controls can be changed in the settings