About Pixel Fire

Pixel Fire is an action-packed 2D shooter game where players take on the role of robots in a battle arena. The objective is to eliminate other players by throwing potatoes at them, earning experience points (XP) and leveling up to unlock new ranks and abilities. The game features real-time multiplayer gameplay, allowing you to compete against players from around the world.

How to play Pixel Fire


  • Movement: Use the WASD keys to move your robot around the arena.

  • Potato Throwing: Click and hold the left mouse button to aim and release to throw a potato.

  • Chat: Press the Enter key to open the chat box and communicate with other players.


  1. Choose Your Robot: Select from a variety of customizable robots, each with unique attributes and abilities, to suit your preferred playstyle.

  2. Enter the Arena: Join an ongoing match or create a new one, pitting yourself against other players in a chaotic battle for potato-fueled supremacy.

  3. Eliminate Opponents: Navigate the arena, dodging incoming potatoes and aiming your own throws strategically to eliminate your opponents.

  4. Earn XP and Level Up: As you defeat opponents, you'll earn XP that contributes to your level progression. Leveling up unlocks new ranks, granting access to additional abilities and enhancements for your robot.

  5. Master Your Robot's Abilities: Familiarize yourself with the unique abilities of your chosen robot, such as increased throwing speed, powerful potato explosions, or defensive shields.

  6. Communicate and Strategize: Utilize the chat feature to communicate with teammates, coordinate strategies, and plan your attacks to gain a tactical advantage.

  7. Dominate the Arena: Claim victory by eliminating all opponents and becoming the last robot standing in the arena.

Tips and Strategies:

  • Master Potato Throwing: Practice aiming and predicting your opponent's movements to land your potato throws with precision.

  • Utilize Abilities Strategically: Employ your robot's special abilities at opportune moments to gain tactical advantages, such as gaining speed to chase down opponents or creating protective barriers to defend against incoming attacks.

  • Adapt to Different Arenas: Familiarize yourself with the layout and obstacles of each arena to navigate effectively and utilize them to your advantage.

  • Communicate and Collaborate: Work together with teammates to coordinate attacks, distract opponents, and devise strategic maneuvers to outmaneuver your adversaries.

  • Practice and Improve: Continuously refine your skills and strategies through practice, learning from mistakes and adapting to different opponents and arena dynamics.

Pixel Fire delivers a fast-paced, competitive multiplayer experience, blending chaotic potato-throwing action with strategic robot customization and real-time teamwork. With its diverse range of robots, dynamic arena environments, and ever-evolving gameplay, Pixel Fire is sure to keep players engaged and entertained for countless hours of action-packed fun.