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When you think of the classic Game Boy Advance games, most of them will come to your mind as platformers. However, there are several other genres that can be found on the handheld console as well. Although all of these titles are interesting in their own way, we may have missed out on our favorite genres if it weren’t for a certain game developer from South Africa named Suda51. During his time with Grasshopper Manufacture (which was later developed into Compile Heart), Suda51 has made several games that are considered to be some of the best GBA titles of all time. Read on to know more about these games and their

This article is regarding the Coagulation of blood in humans. For the process of blood clotting in animals, see hemostasis. In humans, coagulation is the complex cascade of reactions that bring about the final stages of blood coagulation. The result of these reactions is a stable insoluble matrix called thrombin that acts as a link between two components: plasma and fibrinogen. Plasma proteins fibrinogen and factor XIII instantly combine with thrombin to create an insoluble network called fibrin that traps cells in the tissue where it formed, forming a clot for effective damage repair and prolonging

The Indian Premier League is in its tenth season, and it's become one of the most lucrative sports leagues in the world. The IPL has also created some of the best players in the world, and many have become household names because of their exceptional talent. It’s not surprising that so many cricketers from around the world have expressed their desire to play in the IPL, but only a few get an opportunity every year. Here we take you through 10 players who are good enough to play for any franchise but can't because of various reasons. Let us know if you agree with us by leaving your comments

There are many board games out there, but some of them are specifically designed for kids. Instead of trying to play one of those adult games with your kids, why not play an educational game? Kids will have a great time while they learn at the same time. If you are looking for some great board games that are also educational, then look no further! Here is our list of the best educational board games for

The Colosseum is one of the most iconic attractions in all of Rome, and it is easy to see why once you see it. Even if you don’t speak Italian, there is probably something here that appeals to you. The Colosseum may be tiny, but that doesn’t mean it is any less amazing. If you want to get a quick glimpse at this little-known wonder, then check out these three Colosseum

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