About Rich City

Rich City is a game where players must work together to survive a zombie apocalypse. The game involves two factions: survivors and zombies. Survivors need to strategize and find ways to defend themselves against the approaching zombies, while zombies aim to spread the infection and overcome the survivors.

Rich City

How to play Rich City

Here's a guide on how to play and an overview of the game:

How to Play:

  1. Starting the Game:

    • Begin the game by joining a lobby or starting a new match.
  2. Survivors:

    • As a survivor, your goal is to stay alive and protect yourself from the incoming zombie hordes.
    • At the beginning of the game, use your resources to buy items and find hiding places to prepare for the apocalypse.
    • Work together with other survivors to barricade doors and protect yourselves from zombies.
  3. Zombies:

    • Some players will become infected and transform into zombies. Their goal is to spread the contamination and infect survivors.
    • Zombies must form hordes and collaborate to breach doors and invade rooms where survivors are hiding.
  4. Teamwork:

    • Both zombies and survivors need to work as a team to achieve their objectives.
    • Zombies should coordinate their attacks to overwhelm survivors and infect them.
    • Survivors should communicate and collaborate to lock doors, defend against zombies, and prolong their survival.
  5. Using Items:

    • Players can use weapons to keep zombies at bay and defend themselves.
    • Other items may have special effects or aid in moving and pushing objects around the city.
    • Effective use of items is crucial for survival and defense.
  6. Winning Conditions:

    • For survivors to win, they must manage to lock doors and prevent zombies from entering their hiding places.
    • For zombies to win, they need to coordinate their efforts to infect all survivors.
  7. Strategy and Coordination:

    • Success in "Rich City" relies on strategy, coordination, and teamwork.
    • Survivors must strategize on barricading doors and using items effectively.
    • Zombies must work together to breach defenses and infect survivors.
  8. End of Game:

    • The game concludes when either all survivors are infected by zombies or when survivors successfully fend off the zombie invasion.

Controls Guide:

The controls in "Rich City" may vary depending on the platform you're playing on. However, typical controls for similar games include:

  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Use these keys to move your character.
  • Mouse: Move the mouse to aim or interact with items and objects.
  • Mouse Click: Use the left mouse button to interact with items, barricade doors, attack zombies, and perform actions.

Since game mechanics and controls can evolve over time, I recommend referring to in-game guides, tutorials, and official resources for the most up-to-date information on how to play "Rich City."