About Roboquest

Roboquest is a fast-paced, action-packed first-person shooter (FPS) roguelite game set in a dystopian future. Players take on the role of a rebooted Guardian robot tasked with saving humanity from a catastrophic robotic uprising. The game features procedurally generated environments, intense combat against hordes of enemies, and a variety of upgrades and enhancements to power up your Guardian robot.

How to play Roboquest

Here's a general guide on how FPS games with roguelike mechanics are often played:

  1. Movement:

    • Use the standard movement keys or thumbsticks to navigate your battle robot. Typically, this involves using WASD keys on a keyboard or left thumbstick on a controller.
  2. Aiming and Shooting:

    • Aim with the mouse or right thumbstick.
    • Left-click or right trigger is often used to shoot.
  3. Weapon Switching:

    • Use number keys or a designated button to switch between different weapons.
  4. Reload:

    • Press the reload button (often "R" on a keyboard or a designated button on a controller) to reload your weapon.
  5. Special Abilities:

    • Some games have special abilities or skills for your character. These are usually activated using specific keys or buttons.
  6. Interaction:

    • Use the interaction key (often "E" on a keyboard) to interact with objects or pick up items.
  7. Map and HUD:

    • Access the map or check your heads-up display (HUD) for information about your character's status, ammunition, and objectives.
  8. Permadeath and Progression:

    • In roguelike fashion, expect permadeath, where failure means starting over. However, progression might include unlocking new abilities, weapons, or enhancements for subsequent runs.
  9. Co-op (if applicable):

    • If "Roboquest" supports multiplayer, cooperative play might involve additional controls for communication, reviving teammates, etc.
  10. Upgrades and Resources:

    • Collect resources and currency during your run to purchase upgrades and improve your robot's abilities between levels.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to the in-game tutorials, controls menu, or the official documentation provided by the game developers. If you have specific questions about the game's controls, you may also check the community forums or contact the game's support channels.