About Run Race 3D

Run Race 3D is a fun and addictive adventure casual racing game. In this game, players must navigate a series of platforms filled with obstacles and traps to reach the level's final destination. The gameplay is characterized by hurdles and challenges that players must overcome with precise timing and quick reflexes.

How to play Run Race 3D

Here's a general guide on how to play:


  1. Racing Adventure: "Run Race 3D" offers a thrilling racing adventure where your character needs to navigate a series of obstacle-filled platforms to reach the level's final point.

  2. Obstacles and Traps: The game features various obstacles and traps that you must overcome to progress. These can include hurdles, moving platforms, spikes, and more.

  3. Clear Hurdles: Your main objective is to clear the hurdles and avoid obstacles to reach the destination. Timing and precision are crucial for success.

  4. Multiple Levels: The game typically consists of multiple exciting and challenging levels. To have more fun, you'll need to clear each level to progress to the next.

  5. Lives: Keep an eye on your available lives. Lives may be used as you attempt to complete levels. If you run out of lives, you may need to start the level again.


  • In "Run Race 3D," the controls are straightforward and user-friendly.

  • Use the Up arrow key to make your character run.

  • Navigate the character by moving left or right, but the main control is the Up arrow key to move forward.

  • Jump: To clear obstacles, tap or click on the screen or press the spacebar or a designated key if you're playing on a computer.

  • Use the controls to make your character jump, avoid traps, and safely reach the final point of each level.

For precise controls and detailed instructions, it's recommended to explore "Run Race 3D" on its official platform or source.

"Run Race 3D" is a fast-paced and challenging racing game that requires players to use precise timing and quick reflexes to clear hurdles and obstacles. Race through a series of exciting levels and help your stick 3D character reach the destinations safely while having fun.