About Sandboxels

Sandboxels is an in-browser falling sand simulation game that offers a variety of mechanics and features for players to explore and experiment with.

How to play Sandboxels

Here's a general guide on how to play:


  1. Falling Sand Simulation: "Sandboxels" is a falling sand game where you can interact with and manipulate various elements and substances. These elements typically include sand, water, fire, electricity, chemicals, and more.

  2. Mechanics: The game incorporates complex mechanics, such as heat simulation, electricity, chemical reactions, and fire. These mechanics interact with each other and with the elements in the game, creating dynamic and unpredictable scenarios.

  3. Creativity: Players have the freedom to experiment with different combinations of elements and mechanics. You can create reactions, chain effects, and observe the results of your interactions.

  4. Tools and Elements: The game often provides tools or elements that you can use to interact with the environment. These tools can include things like brushes, heaters, fans, and more.

  5. Observation and Learning: Part of the fun in "Sandboxels" is learning through experimentation. You can observe how various elements and mechanics behave, and gain a better understanding of how they interact with each other.


  • The specific controls for "Sandboxels" will depend on the version or platform you're using. In general, you'll use a combination of mouse and keyboard inputs to interact with the game.

  • Expect to use the mouse for selecting elements or tools, as well as for drawing, painting, or placing elements in the game environment.

  • Keyboard inputs may be used for shortcuts, such as activating specific tools or pausing and restarting the simulation.

  • The game interface typically offers options for selecting elements or tools, adjusting settings, and interacting with the environment.

For precise controls and detailed instructions on how to play "Sandboxels," it's recommended to explore the game on its official platform or source.

"Sandboxels" provides an open and creative environment where you can experiment with various elements and complex mechanics, creating dynamic and visually intriguing simulations. Engage your curiosity, explore the interactions between elements, and unleash your creativity in this falling sand simulation game.