About Satelite.io

Satellite.io is an online multiplayer 2D physics-based simulation game where players control a satellite orbiting the Earth. The objective of the game is to earn a high score or take down other players to become the leader and earn the crown.


How to play Satelite.io

It's a one-button game, so the controls are quite simple:


  • Click or tap anywhere on the screen to use your satellite's boosters and change your trajectory.

How to Play:

  1. Start on the Earth: When you begin the game, your satellite is on the surface of the Earth.

  2. Launch into Space: Use the boosters by clicking or tapping on the screen to launch your satellite into space and establish an orbit around the Earth. The goal is to stay in orbit without crashing into the Earth or other players.

  3. Earn Points and the Crown: To earn points and take the lead, you can either accumulate a high score by staying in orbit or by colliding with and destroying other players' satellites. The player with the most points becomes the leader and gets the crown.

  4. Avoid Crashing: Be cautious not to crash into the Earth, as this will end your game. Additionally, watch out for other players who may try to ram into your satellite to eliminate you.

  5. Maintain the Top Spot: If you become the leader, be prepared for other players to target you. Stay alert and use your boosters strategically to avoid collisions and maintain your position at the top.

  6. Win the Game: The goal is to keep the number one spot for as long as possible and earn the highest score. Continue orbiting and evading other players to achieve victory.

"Satellite.io" is a fast-paced and competitive game that relies on physics-based gameplay and strategy to succeed. It's all about orbiting, avoiding crashes, and taking down opponents to claim the crown and maintain your position as the leader.