About Sea Ride (.io)

Sea Ride is an awesome multiplayer battle royale game with water, islands, boats, and epic sea battles. Players explore a vast world by sailing on their own ships. In this io game, you can upgrade your ship and unlock new features to be more powerful than other players. The main objective is to be the last one standing and eliminate everyone else. You will have access to a variety of weapons such as cannons, torpedo launchers, and mines. This is the perfect survival game if you’re looking for something different than the slime, zombies, or school theme that almost every other battle royale has right now.

This amazing game is an addictive 2D multiplayer battle royale game where you can explore a vast ocean, discover hidden treasure chests, and upgrade your ship to become the last sea captain standing. In this IO game, your goal is to locate and destroy other players before they find and eliminate you. Discover treasure chests and use your gold coins to upgrade your ship’s speed, attack strength, defense, and more. Avoid falling icebergs and beware of sneaky players lurking in the nearby fog.

Sea Ride is a fast-paced, action-packed game with an emphasis on strategy, team coordination, and fast reaction times. Choose from a variety of ships with unique abilities and combine them to create the perfect ship for any situation. Have fun!

How to play Sea Ride (.io)

The character always moves towards the mouse or arrow keys/AD to turn.

Click or space bar to brake and build up boost power, release to boost ahead.

Boosting enemies attack them.

If you hit them from the side or behind, you will do damage.