is a game with a competitive snake theme. You take on the role of a fabled creature that lives in the ocean's depths and competes with others of its type for existence.

Fish and plankton orbs are devoured in order to grow longer and bigger.

The more mass you have, the more dangerous you are to other sea dragons.

Obtain new cards featuring various sea dragon species by completing quests.

The controls consist just of:

  • To command your dragon's movement, drag the mouse. To make your dragon run, click or hold the left mouse button.
    Just keep in mind that running makes you lighter. Use it sensibly.
  • The length of your body is crucial to survival. You have a greater chance of trapping other dragons the longer you are. But be careful; no matter how much mass you acquire, keep your head away from other people's bodies. A single blow results in failure.
  • Gather cards to level up existing species and unlock new ones. Your favorite dragon starts out with a longer body the higher its rank.

Move your mouse to control the sea dragon's movement

Press left mouse button to boost movement speed